Elk & Sixes Rivers - It's time for our Late Fall/Winter Run of Big Tackle-Busting Chinook

Happy Customer Connects with a a nice Elk River Hawg........a Beautiful, Big Winter Chinook

As we approach the beginning of November, we find ourselves in the middle or even toward the end of some Fall Chinook runs on a select number of our large rivers in western Oregon. This point however, marks only the very beginning of our cherished Fall Chinook fisheries on special rivers in the very southwest corner of our state. Specifically, the Elk River, the Sixes River, the Chetco River and a number of other small streams are getting their first viable batch of beautiful bright fall salmon with the onset of heavy rains this week. Indeed this marks the kick-off of our Elk-Sixes season.

Still catching fish as Fish & Fishermen wait for Fall Rains

Nicholas and Jon enjoyed some Fall estuary trolling on the lower Umpqua River. They worked hard to land a total of 4 salmon during their trip, two keepers & two native Coho for release. Marauding seals added to the challenge while fighting 1 salmon.

Fall Salmon Fishing Continues on Western Oregon Estuaries

The one that didn't get away!

What better way to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Fall Season than catching a big Fall Salmon!

Coos Bay & Lower Umpqua producing Good Catches of Fall Salmon

Fall Chinook fishing in many Oregon estuaries has been rated good to excellent. The past few weeks have proven very productive for folks chasing salmon and the encouraging results bode well for the runs which should continue to build well into the late Fall Season.

The 2010 McKenzie River Salmon Season was Great Fun

Kris & Kari Garcia got into some Hot McKenzie Salmon action on their afternoon/evening Drift

We enjoyed some great solitude and really pleasant weather yesterday on our McKenzie River fishing trip. We did have some company as there were deer browsing along the shoreline, an osprey looking for a evening entree of Rainbow Trout,and turkey vultures feasting on salmon. Guest Kari Garcia was into a salmon right out of the shoot. She wasted no time muscling in that first brute. She somehow managed to hold onto her lead through most of the drift forcing her good-natured husband Kris to keep playin catch-up ball.