Hydrological Conditions

National Watershed Network.

Surf Your Watershed (Oregon).  Site maintained by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

FishBase.  A Global Information System on Fishes.

Roy Troll's Fin Art.  "Spawn Till You Die" and other favorites.

Trout Unlimited.

The Salmon Page.  Hosted by Riverdale School District, Portland, Oregon.

National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Regional Office.  Includes: 

National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Regional Office, Fish FAQ.  Includes:  

Oregon Wild

American Fisheries Society, Oregon Chapter.  

University of Washington, School of Fisheries.  Includes Columbia Basin Research.

StreamNet Online.  The Northwest Aquatic Information Network. 

Salmon Bibliography.  From the California Academy of Sciences Library. 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Habitat & Enhancement Branch, Pacific Region.  "HEB is responsible for the protection and restoration of fish habitat, salmonid enhancement programs, integrated resource management planning, community involvement programs and public education."

Alaska Department of Fish & Game.  It's Wildlife Notebook Series includes:

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES), Environmental Information by Theme: Salmon

Upstream: Salmon and Society in the Pacific Northwest. Report (dtd 1996) from the US National Academy of Sciences. 

Salmon From A to Z. From a 5th grade class at University Park Elementary School, Fairbanks, Alaska.  Page is part of the Chena River Microcopia, "A Cross-Curricular Study of the History, Ecology, and Uses of a Clearwater River Running Through Fairbanks, Alaska."  

Oregon Online Highways: Willamette River

Willamette Fish Hatchery

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fish Info Center.

Oregon Live, Outdoors.

Save our Wild Salmon.  

Wild Salmon Center