Weekend Rains get the Salmon on the Move

Rising Rivers Bring in New Fish and Make Driftboating Managable

Fising Report - October 24, 2010

Fly fishermen working the McKenzie River last week reported some great evening trout action as big Redsides were gorging on October Caddis hatches in an effort to fatten up before the onset of winter. Meanwhile steelhead on the McKenzie and the Willamette continue to fall prey to drifted Glo Bugs and articulated leech patterns. Recent rains have salmon moving up beyond the tidal stretches of our coastal rivers. The tide waters however, should receive a batch of new, more aggressive arrivals stimulated by the freshet. As the rivers begin to drop after a moderate rainfall, it can be an excellent time to target salmon. Prior to the rain, persistent trollers were still finding some biters while pulling spinners and plug cut baits on the lower Umpqua and Siuslaw rivers.